Is SEO still relevant in 2019? It Should Be Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

The answer is an resounding yes, SEO is alive and well and Google’s search engines still reward you or penalize you for it.  Let me repeat that SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is alive and well.

Google alone processes on average over 40 thousand search queries per second, making it over 3.5 billion in a single day.   That alone should tell you that the SEO game is as important now than ever.

Over the years Google’s artificial intelligence — RankBrain has gotten smarter and smarter making SEO harder and harder to win.  The days of adding the same words into your content, over and over, and adding words that don’t really help make great content are gone.  Keyword stuffing is tried but it can actually hurt you rather than help you.

Google wants content that is fresh, relevant and answer questions of the user.  They want references of your content connected via backlinks.  This is what makes Google happy.

2019 SEO Questions for the Business Owner

Can SEO Trends change fast and hamper SEO success?  YES

Does Google’s search engines want your valuable content?  YES

Is the first page still worth being on?  YES

Do business owners need their small businesses on the first page SERP?  YES

Should your Digital Marketing strategy include SEO?             YES

Are SEO and organic search tied together?             YES

Does Google still reward websites that have a great user experience? YES

Does SEO alone allow you to show up in search queries or search rankings? NO

Does SEO improve website traffic? YES

Should your SEO expert be sharing data with your Content Marketing expert? YES

Does Good SEO still include high-quality content?   YES

Does the Quality of the Content need to be well researched and thought out? YES

Should your SEO expert known and understand the social media marketing? YES

Should your Website provide original content that answers questions? YES

Does Google search provide benefit to websites which provide great content? YES

Does your SEO provide a real value to the search engines?  YES

Does Google search provide benefit to websites that have fast load speeds? YES

Does an owner need to know about Google’s penguin or panda updates? NO

Does the Business owners’ SEO’s know about penguin and panda updates:  YES

Does Google benefit websites providing a good mobile online experience?  YES

Must the website be fast on mobile devices and desktop?  YES

Should you have a mobile version or just a mobile friendly version of your website?  Y&N

Will Google provide demographics, visitor information, website’s traffic data and patterns  using Google Analytics?             YES

Should I care about Bing search or just concern myself with Google search? YES

Must I be worried about what changes voice search will bring?   NO

This article was originally published by Results Driven Marketing, LLC a Wynnewood, PA based company.

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