6 technologies to help build your digital business

Here are six tech trends that will act as the building blocks of digital businesses in 2019 and beyond, according to the report:

1. Internet of Things (IoT) grids

IoT solutions will begin to move beyond a singular element or individual task, and integrate into existing systems, the report stated.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) engines

AI engines will help businesses across every industry gain automated insights from complex data sets faster than in the past, the report stated. These engines will become increasingly advanced, and gradually teach themselves to recognize internal and external factors that impact the operation of machines and the consumer environment as a whole, it added.

3. Intelligent automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is becoming more intelligent, as solutions are trained on natural language recognition and processing, as well as working with unstructured data sets and automating business processes, according to the report.

4. Quantum computing

As quantum computing becomes more of a reality, it will play an increasing role in powering machine learning systems and AI platforms to better improve, understand, and interpret large datasets and calculations, the report stated. This will lead to faster, more accurate AI recommendations and outputs.

5. 5G

As 5G networks begin to roll out, the technology will become a primary way to transfer data quickly from machine to machine to aid in communication, the report stated. This will improve the speed of data transfer as well as the potential to scale technologies across a mobile network.

6. Cloud technologies

Cloud computing allows businesses to completely digitize their organizations, the report stated. Companies are already using the cloud to transform internal IT departments; in the future, the technology will serve as software building platforms rather than just server provisioning, according to the report.

“Organizations should start to consider how these trends will impact their business,” Guibert Englebienne, CTO of Globant, said in the release. “It’s all about having the right tech for each unique need. These trends aren’t going anywhere, and it’s important for those who are thinking about next steps to make sure they have the infrastructure and organizational culture in place to make the solution successful.”

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