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Social Media, Customer E-mail Databases, Website Visitors, etc.

Strategic Advertising

Don’t be fooled by numbers. We don’t waste impressions.  We will only target your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Page optimization and link building strategies.Read More »

Content Marketing

Strategy for growing loyalty of your clients and helping you gain a top ranking position on searches.

Business Development

Our team can help with branding, start-up, re-branding & overall growth.Read More »

Web Design

This is the most crucial piece of your business.  If your site isn’t ready, your customer isn’t ready.

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Everything we do is in-house. We won’t outsource your requests.

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We have an unmatched print and digital distribution.

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75% of users make judgements about your credibility based on your web design.
85% of B2B customers will search the web before making a decision.
94% of a website user’s first impressions are design related.

Small business owners: Don’t build your digital castle on someone else’s land

Avery Swartz is a tech consultant who advises small businesses on all things digital. She is also the founder of Camp Tech, a tech training company for businesses and individuals across Canada. In an effort to woo more small and medium businesses to set up shop on Amazon, the e-commerce giant recently launched Amazon Storefronts. Available in the

Can a Facebook Page Replace a Small Business Website?

It is reasonable to assume that many small business owners would forgo the effort of building a website and simply rely on what the largest social media network of all time can give them at no cost. Facebook recently announced there are currently 40 million active small business pages on its service, which shouldn’t come as that

Do Banner Ads Work? 6 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Banner Ads

Banner ads have been around since just about the dawn of the internet, and as new tactics like native advertising and inbound marketing have evolved, the question as to whether banner ads still have a place seems increasingly present. To help as you navigate options for your next campaign, I’ve pulled some stats on the role